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2018 is here. So what's your plan to take your business to the next level? You probably hear that term a lot - next level. Well, as the Founder and CEO of eWomenNetwork Sandra Yancey says, "It's not about stepping forward, it's about stepping up to the next level." Stepping forward is more of a straight line. Same-ole, same-ole. It's time to stop playing small and step UP to achieve your business goals in 2018 and beyond.

 Stop playing small! Watch Sandra Yancey, Founder and CEO of eWomenNetwork, and Content Manager Phyllis Smith discuss the power of coaching to help you get to your NextLevel in your business. 

Most Small Business Owners Don't Achieve Their Goals

According to a Staples survey, nearly 80 percent of small business owners have yet to achieve most or all of their dreams for their company. And more than 80 percent of small business owners admit that they don't monitor their goal setting or enlist the proper "coaches" and advisers to help them achieve their goals.

Aha - there's the magic word! Coaches. Sandra Yancey is in her 18th year owning a multi-million dollar business. She still has coaches to help guide her through goal setting and achievement. In fact she has several coaches and a mastermind group. Sandra's secret to success - "No one makes it alone!"

Reasons Why Business Owners Don't Achieve Their Goals

There are probably lots of reasons and excuses, but here's three simple reasons why business owners don't achieve their goals:

  1. They don't sacrifice

  2. They're afraid to fail

  3. They don't have a plan

In the early years of eWomenNetwork, Sandra knew she needed help, but it cost money to hire a coach. She knew she had no choice if her business was to succeed. Sandra chose to make sacrifices in her everyday life, including cutting out cable, manicures and a housekeeper. She even sold her clothes to consignment stores. These are the simple luxuries we tend to take for granted, but which we can live without in order for us to afford what's necessary to succeed. 

Why Coaching?

Forbes says, "the purpose (of coaching) is to increase effectiveness, broaden thinking, identify strengths and development needs and set and achieve challenging goals." In a nutshell, a good coach or coaching program helps you see your blind spots. You are busy running your business. You can't possibly see and know everything. In fact, more and corporations are requiring managers to adopt good coaching practices to help their employees succeed. They are developing their own coaching and mentoring programs, so they can help those who report to them grow in their jobs and as individuals.

The eWomenNetwork motto, "Give first, share always and lift as we climb", is the cornerstone of who we are and what we aim for all of our members. Sandra believes in coaching so much that when you become a member, you get two free coaching sessions with one of our Premier Success Coaches

Why Group Coaching?

Group coaching is a great way to get your goals accomplished and tap into the minds of your peers for support and new ideas. When you are in a group, you are not only accountable to your facilitator, but you're also accountable to those in your group. They help motivate you to accomplish your goals. After all, who wants to show up at the next group call and NOT have accomplished the goal you agreed to. Even as adults, your peers matter.  Also, in a group setting, you might hear an idea from one of the members that you can apply to your own business. One other big bonus - you get to make new friends in the process. 

Take it To the NextLevel

Whatever you need to help accomplish your 2018 goals - private coaching or perhaps our group coaching program NextLevel - make sure you have a supportive, non-biased person or persons lighting the way for you to achieve the success you desire and deserve.

Click to find out what others are saying about our NextLevel group coaching program.

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Author, Phyllis Smith

Content Manager, eWomenNetwork
Program Director, eWN Podcast Network



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