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As Harvard Business Review explains, there are certain attributes that great workspaces have, such as privacy, appropriate acoustics, and the ability to accommodate technology. Your workspace is very important, and keeping it organized will help you succeed in your job. Here’s how you can make sure you have your workspace optimized so nothing inhibits you from reaching your fullest potential.

How Does A Workspace Impact Entrepreneurs?
For a typical adult, more than half their day is spent sitting, as many people have desk jobs. That’s why is so important to pay attention to the physical area that you work in because it has a significant impact on either enhancing or harming your productivity. 

Create Spaces for Dedicated Equipment and Accessories

For the items you use regularly, such as pens and other stationery, you want to set up an organized space for them on your desk that is within reach, but not in the way. Use a second monitor because it can better optimize your workload. However, in this day and age, workers spend about 10 hours a day looking at screens and all that blue light is not good for your eyes or sleep cycle, but blue-light-blocking glasses can help. Humans tend to enjoy order and organization, but if we have a messy workspace then we can get overstimulated. Investing in a storage system will make it easier to find everything you need, when you need it, which works wonders for efficiency and productivity in your workload. 

Declutter Your Workspace

 Living in clutter is more of a damper on your time and energy than you probably realize. Studies show that 49% of people have missed appointments or meetings due to trying to find a lost item. Try to carve some time of out your day to go through your things and figure out what is important enough to keep. It is crucial that you keep your workspace clean and organized, so you’re ready to start your day as soon as you get to your desk. With that in mind, it is very helpful if you tidy up your desk before you leave for the day. The more clutter you have on your desk, the harder it is to find what you need and can add additional stress to your workspace. When you begin to declutter your workspace, it will make a huge difference in helping to declutter your mind. Tidy desk, tidy mind!

Invest in Accessories that Help Your Health & Productivity 

 Consider investing in accessories that can support your long-term health and your posture during your long workdays at a desk. Monitor stands are a great investment, as you can align your screen to the right height to reduce neck and eye strain, and they can even help you arrange your desk without adding more clutter. Having an ergonomic keyboard and mouse can also support your health in preventing strain injuries and will keep you productive for longer. A newer accessory people have brought into their offices is footrests, they can help your posture as well but mostly footrests helps with blood circulation in your legs while sitting at a desk for hours at a time. They can easily fit under your desk and don’t take up much space.

Have a Mindfulness Corner 

Having the ability to step away from your desk can significantly reduce your stress and negative moods. A simple walk around your office, or having a separate area to relax, when you’re feeling overwhelmed can help you get out of your head. Many of us would love to travel, in order to step away from work, but a much more accessible way is to spend some time during your workday doing some mindfulness training. That could be a journal prompt, or mediation, whatever you do to recognize your feelings and accept them. Mindfulness practices should be considered important and a worthwhile investment for any and all entrepreneurs.

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 Optimize Your Workspace Walls

An area that is incredibly underrated, but very important because they surround you your entire day. Many people use their office walls to hang pictures, whenever they can be utilized for so much more. The best way to organize your walls is by using floating shelves, calendars/whiteboards, a vision/goal board, mail holders, and hooks, so you can clear as much of your desk space, and headspace, as possible.

Personalize Your Office

You spend the majority of your time in your office, so be mindful of that when decorating. Your workspace can motivate you or cause more distractions. Some affirmation wall decor definitely wouldn’t hurt to put up in your space as that can help you feel more confident. Incorporate green and blue into your space when dealing with tight deadlines or strenuous tasks – these hints of colors can help relax your brain, according to color theory. Less can actually be more productive, so make sure your workspace flows and makes you feel good being in there.

If your workspace is optimized, you can maximize your productivity and performance. Remember there are tools and resources that help your health and productivity, and you find some that fit your unique style. With a clear desk, you’re less likely to be distracted by clutter and can better focus on the tasks at hand. Take a hard look at your office and remember to use these tips to optimize a great workspace.

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