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Being efficient in business allows you to achieve goals and move the needle forward. Entrepreneurs can do so by hiring the right team, outsourcing certain tasks, and creating internal systems. One thing that relates to all of these processes, and others entrepreneurs will create,  is technology. It is what will be used to complete tasks, communicate, create, and so much more. But the question of ‘how often do I need to update my tech?’ comes up. And the answer is, whenever you see your productivity decreasing.

The better answer is, you don’t always have to purchase the latest and greatest desktop or software program. You can actually work with what you have in your business right now. Here is how entrepreneurs can effectively use existing tech to achieve success.

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Online Payment

In a world where convenience is demanded, online payments are the best way to avoid spending more time and money on manual transactions. Most entrepreneurs would recognize that we are moving towards being a cashless society, with things like Apple Pay and Square popping up more frequently.

This does not call for adding a new payment software. Chances are the platform you run your website through already offers an online payment widget or tool. It is as simple as bolting your existing resources into your business model. Plus you can avoid losing checks or forms with payment information on it when transitioning to the digital space, ultimately becoming more efficient. 

Pro Tip: When you take advantage of all the tools your packages and subscriptions offer, you get more value from existing tech. 

Virtual Communication

Amidst the pandemic, entrepreneurs had to shift their interactions to online. However, there is a difference in efficiency when talking via email versus being face-to-face. Messages can be interpreted the wrong way or information can get lost in the sea of emails. In fact, a bad technology experience can impede employee performance by more than 30 percent. If you do not take advantage of applications like Zoom or Google Hangouts, consider using it more often. 

When you host virtual calls you are able to provide instant clarity, connect on a human-to-human level, and ensure that all parties are providing efficient results. It is as simple as sending out a Zoom link instead of a lengthy email. Of course, it will take more time as prepping is necessary - maybe even a PowerPoint to complement the information - but it will be worth it in the long run.


Email marketing is important for building relationships with prospects, leads, current consumers, and even past consumers because it allows you to speak directly to them, in their inbox, at a time that is convenient for them. Most website creation platforms allow you to create marketing materials depending on what package you have. For example, WIX allows you to have five emails sent out per month with the Ascend Basic Package. Many also offer templates and stock images to make the processes even easier.

Track Analytics

When you integrate analytics into your business, you are able to focus on areas that are actually moving your needle forward. Analytics can show you where your traffic is coming from, who is interacting with your content, what regions produce the most profit, and other beneficial data. Check to see if the current platforms you use allow you to optimize your analytics. Some may ask you to connect to the platforms you are using, so be sure to read the directions provided.

If you do not have access to this, there is one site that entrepreneurs use all the time that can help: Google. Google offers Google Analytics that can track your website information and send custom notifications to your inbox. It is free to use and will enable you to achieve your goals more efficiently.

Extra Equipment

If you have extra tech equipment lying around your workspace, why not figure out how to use it to improve your productivity? Add a keyboard or plug in a portable mouse to your laptop for better use, add speakers to your monitor to hear audio more clearly, or connect a phone line for business calls. 

A great example is upgrading to a dual-screen. It is as simple as using extra monitors to set up more displays that will provide a more spacious online workspace. The extra monitors can be used for a number of things, such as comparing spreadsheets side-by-side, writing articles while doing research, keeping tabs on social feeds, and even a little Netflix break. For every hour worked, good tech can save entrepreneurs 23 minutes per hour. Talk about productivity!

Try implementing these processes into your business model for a month, and see whether they help or if new technology is needed. If it is time for you to purchase new technology to be more efficient, don’t fret! Dell’s Semi-Annual Sale is going on until March 24. Plus, eWomenNetwork Members save an extra 5 to 10 percent on exceptional business solutions. Visit to access these savings or call 855-900-5548 to chat with a Small Business Advisor today.

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