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7 Morning Habits for Highly Effective Entrepreneurs
Fuel Your Success

It’s the beginning of 2023 and therefore the perfect time to begin implementing as many good habits as possible! Many of the most successful people in the world share one thing in common, they all have morning routines. Here are some ideas for how to start the day off right and add fuel to the fire of your success!

Rise early at the same time each day. No hitting the snooze button, wake up and stay up! Entrepreneurs are a hardworking bunch and while consistent, quality sleep is essential, so is having waking hours to recuperate your mind and body. Waking up early is the perfect way to carve out those hours!

Avoid your phone. That’s right, AVOID IT. No laying in bed while checking your email or texting while you brush your teeth. The day is a blank canvas and you must start the day by priming it, not half-heartedly drawing in crayon! The morning should be a sacred routine that prepares you to be in optimum efficiency mode. Hold off on screen time until you are IN optimum efficiency mode.

Make your bed. After a long day of crushing it, isn’t it nice to come home to a neat and tidy bed ready for you to relax and unwind? Rest is essential, but so are developing physical habits that contribute to an orderly mind. Studies also show that those who report regularly making their bed in the morning are more likely to get a good night’s sleep!

Eat a quality breakfast. No more power bars or to-go coffees sans food, find a way to get healthy calories in your body when you wake up. Oprah eats a berry-rich breakfast, Barack Obama eats a full breakfast complete with eggs and potatoes, and Reese Witherspoon has had the same green smoothie daily for over a decade. Figure out what is doable for your lifestyle and prioritize a healthy and satisfying kick start!

Write down your intentions for the day. Whether this be a To-Do list like Michelle Obama or journaling like Richard Branson, take the time to put pen to paper and write it out. And no cheating by dictating to your phone or an assistant! Richard Branson swears by always writing things down himself. Studies show that writing things down yourself affect how well your brain remembers information versus simply saying it aloud.

Move your body. Tory Burch and Bill Gates are only two of many successful people who prioritize exercise in their morning routines. If you’re down for an hour-long gym workout, great! If not, consider taking a walk with the dogs, a swim, some yoga, or even a good stretching session to get that blood pumping and put yourself in a state of mind to tackle the day.

Schedule a joy appointment. Elaine Welteroth swears by scheduling moments of joy throughout the day (a practice she learned from author, Priya Parker). These are meetings that you treat the same as you do business meetings: you don’t cancel them, you don’t put them off- you prioritize your happiness. Want to spend 15 minutes reading? Do it. Want to eat a slice of cold pizza? Do it. Want to practice mindfulness while holding a puppy? Do it. Begin your day with a scheduled (and not transferable) joy appointment. Not only do you deserve one, it will help you be better at what you do!

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