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3 Essential Tips When Choosing Your Logo
Simplify to amplify!

When you’re an entrepreneur, you inevitably spend a lot of time thinking about your brand. Your brand is your baby, and it can be hard to be objective as you develop the visual impact you want your brand to have in your industry. One of the first things entrepreneurs are chomping at the bit to create is a logo that they LOVE. You may have ideas for exactly what you want your logo to be, but if you’re not a designer, you may not know the hallmarks of a good logo on your own. Here’s what to look for:

Start in black and white. No matter how much you love your brand colors, be sure the concept of your logo looks good in back and white. As your brand evolves through the years, it’s possible your color pallet will evolve with brand refreshes. Not to mention all the places logos have a tendency to be featured, there are many instances where it’s more convenient to utilize your logo in black and white. AT its heart, the design should be strong enough that it works with all color schemes.

Simplify. Sometimes more is just more. When you look at the most recognizable logos across the world, they generally have one thing in common: they’re not busy. Simple logos are usually easier to recognize and scale better than those with overly complicated details. Don’t confuse simple for boring, some of the most compelling logo designs in the world are the simplest AND the most interesting.

Make it scalable. The design of your logo shouldn’t be dependent on size. As a general rule, your logo should be designed to go from business card to billboard with ease. And beyond that, think of how often you see logos on complimentary pens! This goes hand in hand with simplifying your logo. The more detail in in your logo the more difficult it is to scale. Simplify to amplify!

While there are many affordable options for logo creation, don’t be afraid to be picky when selecting the team that will create your logo. They must understand who you are, what you do, and the look and feel of your brand. Don’t hire someone off one recommendation, ask to see several samples of their work, or better yet, consider a branding firm you could grow with from seed to plant as your business and brand grow in size and success! Simple doesn't mean easy!  It's always best to work with a pro!

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