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Become an eWN Radio Network Podcaster!

We’re looking for entrepreneurs to host their very own
Podcast on eWN Radio Network!

Do you have a message or program concept that will engage listeners? Are you looking for ways to attract a larger audience, build your list of followers, become a media celebrity in your area of expertise and monetize your brand?

Become an eWN Radio Network Podcaster and see a world of opportunities unfold for you!

Watch and Listen to Sandra Yancey’s Podcast Webinar.  She gives lots of juicy information about her own experience developing an audience on radio.

Why Become A Podcaster?
Builds instant credibility! Positions you as the “expert” or top mover-and-shaker in your area of expertise. Now, in addition to what’s already in your bio, you can add: “Featured Host on the eWN Radio Network, one of the largest women’s business networks in North America.
Attract your ideal audience! Your audience is looking for you and your wisdom. You can now offer them a powerful way to hear and connect with you as the Host of your own show. Spread your message and your passion on a global scale through the eWomenNetwork database and social media community, as well as the podcast audience of BlogTalkRadio.
Spotlight your BRAND image: You are a brand, but no one knows it if you don’t position yourself as a brand! The moment you become a Host on the eWN Radio Network your brand image gets a mega booster shot followed by a year of brand-building sustainability. Plus—you are now promoted to the over 500,000 women connected to eWomenNetwork and beyond.
Benefit from our Social Power: eWomenNetwork’s social media reach and impact is 3-times that of NAWBO (National Association of Women Business Owners), WPO (Women’s Presidents Organization), WIPP (Women Impacting Public Policy) and WLE (Women’s Leadership Exchange) combined! You and your show will be promoted through eWomenNetwork’s social media channels.
Get showcased at the 2017 eWomenNetwork International Conference, August 3 – 5! We promote you from the main stage, in our Conference Program Magazine and at the eWN Radio Network broadcast booth.
We promote you and your shows at You’re featured as the radio celebrity you are with your own profile page, bio, links to all your shows, your social media and more.
Your content is valuable, searchable and in-demand. By hosting your own show you are constantly generating content that all the search engines love. Content improves your SEO and pulls more traffic to you and your brand!
Sharpen your speaking skills: Hosting your own show helps you become better with all aspects of your communication. You’ll become a better speaker, quicker thinker, idea generator and more.
It’s Fun, Exciting and comes with Perks! People’s eyes light up when you tell them you have your own radio show on the eWN Radio Network. Your show allows you to leverage what you offer to create profitable joint ventures with others. You’ve got barter power!

Have no fear if you are technically challenged! You will receive the training you need on how to use our internet broadcast platform. You will be guided and supported on hosting and producing your own podcast.

ewn radio network benefits

Don’t miss this potentially life-changing opportunity to reach a
huge audience who need to know you!

Host your own Podcast show... take the leap and apply now - click here to apply now

Astrum Lux Lucis
On The Record

Being a host on the eWN Radio Network has allowed me to create relationships in the music and entertainment industry that I would not be able to create on my own. It’s helped me develop my conversational skills and develop my ability to speak publicly. The relationships I’ve created through my show have been beyond amazing. I’m connecting to people in a new way and I’m learning so much from my guests. One of my greatest benefits is the reach the eWN Radio Network has. Honestly, without the eWN Radio Network brand behind my show, I probably would not have the credibility I now have associated with my show.

Leslie Green
Love, Trust & Pixie Dust

There’s no doubt that being a host on the eWN Radio Network offers another level of credibility to my message. I’ve also seen an increase in my book sales. I have been able to make business connections that have turned into friendships…connections I would not have otherwise been able to make. I’ve become a much better listener and also learned to be more succinct in my delivery. I must say that the amount and level of support provided by the eWN Radio Network team has been extremely beneficial along with the other radio show hosts. It’s a real community.

Johnell McCauley
Eat Great Live Well Radio

Being a host on the eWN Radio Network gives me credibility. To say “We have a radio show that I host” is often a way to extend a conversation and make connections. It’s also helped me hone my message, and improve my speaking abilities and gets me a lot more publicity and a larger listener base than doing it on my own.

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