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About Us

We exist to help women and their business achieve, succeed and prosper.

The eWN Radio Network is an international radio network focused on empowering others with insights and success strategies from inspiring messengers.

Our network is filled with dynamic hosts who are passionate about helping and serving others.

The Network – Regularly scheduled shows on eWN Radio Network explore the various subjects of health and wellness, motivation, business success and other cutting-edge topics.

Tuning In – You can access live broadcasts from your computer or telephone from anywhere in the world, or they can download any show in the network’s archive after the live event.

The Hosts – The eWN Radio Network hosts are tops in their field. They are bestselling authors, businesswomen, coaches, strategists, entrepreneurs, speakers and all-around inspiring people. They have great experience and expertise to offer, and will tap into the wisdom of a variety of featured guests. Our Hosts include Alyssa Granlund, Sylvia Henderson, Teri Johnson, Felicia Lee, Johnell McCauley, Christine Monaghan, Shirley Palmer, Robyn Scates and more to come.

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